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The Outbreak: Quarantine eBook

NOTE: This page is currently in development and is just a preview of the final ebook.


Chapter 1 (Dialogue Only)
Chapter 2 (Coming Soon)
Chapter 3 (Coming Soon)
Chapter 4 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 1

Scene 1

ADAM: I never thought I’d actually see it happen, but here we are inside a military base, being herded into an internment camp like sheep.

MARCUS: At least we have a plan. Most of these people will probably be assigned manual labor jobs.

LINDSAY: Yeah, and the same thing will happen to us if the plan doesn’t work.

KATE: We’ll be fine. Just act normal and don’t say anything stupid.

LINDSAY: It’s not us I’m worried about, it’s if they can convince them that they’re real doctors.

MARCUS: Hey, we are real doctors. We may not have diplomas, but we still have training.

LINDSAY: Well, these people are trained soldiers, so I think they’re gonna have pretty good bullshit detectors. In other words, you better be convincing, or we’re screwed.

ADAM: Don’t worry, okay? We’ve made it this far, and we’re not about to screw it up now.

KATE: Don’t let her get to you. She’s just scared.

ADAM: I know, but she’s right. This is our only chance.

KATE: I have faith in you. We’ll be okay.

MARCUS: Hey, looks like we’re up. Get ready, everyone.

CHEN: Next citizens in line, step forward!

ADAM: Alright, let’s do this.

FORD: Please take a seat, and we’ll be with you in just a moment.

ADAM: Yes, sir.

FORD: I’m Sergeant Ford, and this is Corporal Morales. We’ll be serving as your military liaisons for the duration of your stay at Fort Rockwell. Today, we’re going to complete your Primary Placement Evaluation, which will provide us with the information we need to assign your work arrangements. Do you have any questions before we begin?

MARCUS: No, sir.

FORD: Alright, then let’s get started. Adam Turner, please stand up.

ADAM: Yes, sir.

FORD: It says here that you are a medical doctor.

ADAM: I am.

FORD: And you are here with your wife, Kate Turner.

ADAM: Yes, this is her.

FORD: So that makes you two Marcus and Lindsay Gomez, correct?

MARCUS: Yes, sir. Lindsay is Kate’s sister, and I am her brother in law.

FORD: I see, and the four of you came here from the city?

ADAM: Yes, sir. We were all at work when we heard the news about the outbreak, but luckily we were able to leave the city in time. We were all very lucky that day.

FORD: Yes, I’m sure you’ve all been through a lot these past few days, and just so you know, we do offer psychiatric assistance if anyone needs help.

ADAM: Thank you, sir.

FORD: Anyway, it says here that you were a physician on staff at Memorial Hospital?

ADAM: Yes, sir. For the past two and a half years.

FORD: I see. Wasn’t Memorial Hospital the location of one of the outbreaks?

ADAM: Yes, sir, it was. I was out of the office at a lunch meeting when I heard the news.

FORD: So you were not an eyewitness to the scene of the outbreak?

ADAM: No, sir, I was not.

FORD: Got it. Well, Dr. Turner, we could certainly use as much help as we can get in the infirmary, if you would be so kind to lend us your skills.

ADAM: Absolutely, sir. It’d be an honor to serve the military in any way I can during this great time of need.

FORD: Glad to hear it. Thank you, Doctor, you may take a seat. Mr. Gomez, please rise.

MARCUS: Yes, sir.

FORD: Mr. Gomez, it says here that you are also a doctor, a microbiologist.

MARCUS: Yes, sir.

FORD: And you worked as a research analyst and laboratory technician at Trenton University.

MARCUS: That is correct.

FORD: So both of you attended Trenton University. Is that where you met?

MARCUS: Yes, sir. We were schoolmates, although we entered different fields of study, of course.

FORD: Right. What did you research at the university?

MARCUS: Infectious diseases. I was part of a team working to synthesize vaccines for viruses.

FORD: Understood. Well, I’m sure Dr. Pierson, our head of research, would love to have you work with him. I’ve heard he’s hard at work analyzing the blood samples we’ve recovered from the field.

MARCUS: I would be honored to help.

FORD: Excellent. Thank you, Doctor. Well, I suppose the only question left is what to do with Mrs. Turner and Gomez. Unfortunately, we don’t have much need for an accountant or designer, but we could use you elsewhere.

ADAM: Sir, if I may, I’d like to make a request on behalf of Dr. Gomez and I.

FORD: Alright, go ahead.

ADAM: In order for Dr. Gomez and I to be at our best during our time here, we’d prefer our wives to remain as close to us as possible.

FORD: That’s understandable. Go on.

ADAM: I was thinking they could be trained as nurses. Marcus and I would take full responsibility for their training, so they’d get up to speed faster, and we’d all be able to reside in the hospital wing.

FORD: Well, I suppose we could always use more trained medical personnel. I’ll take this offer to the medical board and see if they approve.

ADAM: Thank you, sir.

FORD: Alright, that does it for your evaluation. Corporal Morales will escort you to your quarters in the hospital wing. We’ll have an answer for you regarding Mrs. Turner and Gomez’s work arrangements by this evening.

MARCUS: Thank you, sir. We really appreciate your help.

FORD: Good luck.

Scene 2

CHEN: Welcome to Fort Rockwell. Please follow us inside for processing.

LOGAN: Oh shit.

MARSHALL: Once you are finished, your military liaison will escort you to your personal quarters.

AMY: Ben, we can’t go in there. You have to do something.

CHEN: And then you will be assigned labor schedules according to your abilities and work histories. You will begin your first work shifts tomorrow morning.

BEN: Sir, I mentioned before that Captain Thompson is an old friend of mine, and I would very much like to meet with him.

CHEN: Ah, right. Name?

BEN: Ben Young, although he’d remember me as Sergeant Young.

CHEN: Got it. I’ll let him know, but no promises.

BEN: Thank you, sir.

AMY: Do you think he’ll come through?

BEN: It’s been a long time since we last saw each other, but yeah, I think so.

LOGAN: Well, here’s hopin’.

MARSHALL: Alright, end of the line, folks. Wait here until you’re waved forward to be processed.

BEN: Yes, sir.

LOGAN: Hey, if he doesn’t come through, what are we gonna do?

AMY: You said they won’t split us up if they think we’re family members, right?

BEN: Right, and you’ll be valuable to them as a cop, which may give us some more leeway. Even if we can’t strike a deal with them, we may still be able to have some control over our work schedules, so just stick to the plan, and we’ll be fine.

AMY: Okay.

LOGAN: Got it.


BEN: Here goes nothin’.

FROST: Wait a minute! You, over there, stop where you are!

BEN: Sir?

FROST: Captain Thompson will see you now. Follow me to his office.

BEN: Yes, sir. Thank you.

LOGAN: Nice work.

AMY: Sounds like he remembers you.

BEN: Yeah, I guess so, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

AMY: We didn’t come this far just to get let down. It’ll work out.

LOGAN: Yeah, and I doubt he would have sent for you so soon without a reason. I’m sure he wants to help.

BEN: Well, looks like we’re about to find out.

FROST: You two, wait here. You, enter inside.

AMY: Good luck. We’ll be right here when you’re done.

FROST: Ben Young to see you, sir.

THOMPSON: Thank you, Frost. I’d like to speak with him alone.

FROST: Yes, sir.

BEN: Nice digs.

THOMPSON: Heh. The perks of being a commanding officer.

BEN: That, and the free booze and hookers.

THOMPSON: Heh, you know it. Man, you haven’t changed a bit. Look like hell, though.

BEN: Feel even worse.

THOMPSON: Shit, I bet. What’d you come all the way from the city?

BEN: Yeah, we really lucked out. It’s fuckin’ crazy out there, man.

THOMPSON: You’re tellin’ me. This whole thing is fucked up. Zombies walkin’ the streets? What the hell is this?

BEN: I don’t know, man. I really don’t know.

THOMPSON: Yeah, me neither. Anyway, pardon my manners. Take a seat, and I’ll grab us some drinks.

BEN: Now that’s the Tony I remember. I was worried this whole captain thing had gone to your head, and you’d forgotten about me.

THOMPSON: Don’t even joke about that, man. What we went through, well, that’s not somethin’ a man forgets.

BEN: Those were some crazy times.

THOMPSON: Yes, they were. But this shit now? I don’t even know what to make of it.

BEN: Yeah. Look, Tony, I need your help.

THOMPSON: What do you need?

BEN: I came here with two women, and we can’t get split up.

THOMPSON: Who are they? Not some fuckin’ junkies, right?


BEN: No, no. Nothin’ like that. One’s a nurse from Memorial Hospital, Amy. I was in there for rehab, and she was takin’ good care of me. I can’t let anything bad happen to her.

THOMPSON: Alright, and the other one?

BEN: Officer Logan. She’s a cop we ran into on the way out of the city. She helped us escape, and she was the only one left of her squad.

THOMPSON: Shit, that’s rough.

BEN: Yeah. We figured Amy could pass as my sister, and hopefully Logan would be given some leeway, since she’s a cop. That’s all we’ve got to work with, though.

THOMPSON: So, what? You want me to put in the word to keep you three together? That it?

BEN: Well, we were hopin’ we could strike a deal. Logan and I have combat training, and Amy’s an RN, so together we could form a three-man squad.

THOMPSON: I’m not sure I follow.

BEN: We were thinkin’ we could work for the military as mercs.

THOMPSON: Shit, man, now that’s some crazy talk. I mean, even if we were able to make this fly with the brass somehow, you’d still be putting yourselves at major risk going out on missions. You sure you want to do that?

BEN: It’s the only option we could think of. We’re not just goin’ to submit to the military and do their bidding for the rest of our lives. We want to escape.

THOMPSON: Escape? You think they’re gonna let you escape? They’re gonna watch you night and day. Even when you’re out there, they’ll still be trackin’ you. I’m sorry, man, but now that you’re here, there’s no gettin’ out.

BEN: There has to be a way.

THOMPSON: Well, yeah, of course it’s possible. Anything’s possible. But it’s not gonna come without people gettin’ hurt. Probably dyin’. And those people could very well be you and I if things don’t pan out. See what I’m sayin’?

BEN: Yeah, I see what you’re sayin’.

THOMPSON: Oh, come on, man. Don’t give me that shit. You know I’m lookin’ out for you, right?

BEN: I think you’re just lookin’ out for yourself.

THOMPSON: Hey, now don’t you come in here and start accusin’ me of shit that isn’t true. I want to help you, Ben, but what you’re askin’ me to do is just too risky.

BEN: Since when does risky scare you? What happened to you, man? What happened to the man I served with all those years who wasn’t afraid to take a bullet? Have you gotten soft sittin’ behind that desk, drinkin’ your fancy booze? Is that what it is?

THOMPSON: Hey, fuck you, man! I’ve done nothin’ but work my ass off these past two years to get here, and what the hell have you done? Get high and pass out on the floor like some fuckin’ loser? Who the fuck do you think you are?

BEN: I’m your best friend, and I’m all you’ve got left.

THOMPSON: I’ll set up a meeting with Colonel Lynch. That’s the best I can do.

BEN: Thank you, Tony.

THOMPSON: Frost, escort these three to a room in Section D, and make sure they’re well taken care of. They are to be treated as my personal guests from here on.

FROST: Yes, sir.

THOMPSON: I will call for you in the morning. Anything you need, you tell Frost. You can trust him, he’s one of mine.

BEN: Got it.

THOMPSON: Alright, you take care of yourself now, Ben.

BEN: You too.

AMY: Thank you for your help.

THOMPSON: You’re welcome, ma’am. Ben is a good man.

AMY: Yes, he is.

BEN: Alright, time for us to run. Until tomorrow.

THOMPSON: Until tomorrow.

Scene 3

SOLDIER: Here are your quarters. One person to each bunk. Dinner will be served at 1800 hours, and your work orientations will begin tomorrow morning.

ADAM: Thank you, sir.

KATE: Well, this doesn’t look so bad.

MARCUS: It could certainly be a lot worse.

LINDSAY: As long as we’re not outside with the infected, then it’s fine by me.

ROGER: Oh my God. Adam, is that you?

ADAM: Roger? Holy shit, what are you doing here?

ROGER: I should ask you the same thing.

MARCUS: You two know each other?

ADAM: Indeed, we do. Marcus, meet Roger, my neighbor from across the hall.

MARCUS: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

ROGER: Oh, the pleasure’s all mine. You have no idea how grateful I am that you’re here.

KATE: Roger? Oh my God, I can’t believe it!

ROGER: Kate, you made it, too! Oh, thank heavens!

LINDSAY: Hey, what’s goin’ on over here?

KATE: Roger, this is my sister, Lindsay. Lindsay, this is Roger, Adam’s neighbor.


ROGER: Hi there.

ADAM: Oh, and Sophie’s here, too. Hi, Sophie.

ROGER: Don’t be shy now, Sophie. Say hi to Adam. You remember Adam, right? He’s our neighbor from back home.


KATE: Hi, Sophie.

ROGER: Good girl. Sorry, she’s a bit shy.

ADAM: Oh, it’s fine. So how did you get here? I thought you evacuated the city.

ROGER: Well, we tried to, but after we left the apartment, we got stuck in traffic, and there was nothing we could do, but…

ROGER: Well, let’s just say there were four of us when we left, and now it’s just Sophie and I.

KATE: Oh, I’m so sorry.

ROGER: Yes, well, we are still here, and that’s what matters. We try not to think about what happened, but it’s been difficult for Sophie.

MARCUS: Yeah, I’m sure.

ROGER: Anyway, we were able to hide out in a shop that had been vandalized, and then we saw the military trucks in the streets, and they took us in. We were very lucky–I don’t think we would have made it otherwise.

ADAM: Well, I’m glad you did. You’re not the only who’s happy to see an old face. We’ve been through hell out there.

ROGER: Yes, I’m sure. What happened was… a nightmare.

LINDSAY: That’s the understatement of the year.

KATE: Hey, be nice, okay? These are friends.

LINDSAY: What, they can’t take a joke? Calm down.

KATE: I’m sorry. She’s just a bit, you know…

ROGER: It’s okay. I’m not offended. I agree we must remain humorous in these most tragic days. It may be the only thing that keeps us alive.

LINDSAY: See? He gets it.

ADAM: Roger, there’s something you have to know.

ROGER: What is it?

ADAM: You have to keep this a secret, okay?

ROGER: Yes, of course.

ADAM: We are not going to stay here.

ROGER: What? Why? Where else will you go?

ADAM: It’s not safe here. The military is just going to use us to do their dirty work.

ROGER: Well, yeah, but so what? We have to do something to earn our places here. Nothing is free in this world, Adam. You know that.

ADAM: Yeah, I know, but what happens when they decide some of us aren’t worth our weight any more? What happens when they stop being so lenient and start separating families from each other?

ROGER: But, why would they do that? There’s no reason.

ADAM: Who says they need one? They have guns, and we don’t. They can make us do whatever they want, and treat us like slaves. What happens when they lose their humanity?

ROGER: Oh God, you’re right. What’s your plan?

ADAM: Well, we don’t have an escape plan yet, only a way to keep ourselves valuable to them, so they’ll treat us fairly.

ROGER: Well, at least that’s something.

ADAM: Yeah. Marcus and I are posing as doctors, and they’ve agreed to let Kate and Lindsay train as nurses with us the medical wing.

ROGER: Good thinking. I guess your medical training will come in handy after all.

ADAM: Yeah, it’s about time.

ROGER: Alright, well, we should probably keep a low profile from now on. We don’t want them to suspect anything.

ADAM: Agreed. I’ll let you know when we think of a plan. Until then, stay safe, Roger.

ROGER: You two, Adam. Take care of your friends.

ADAM: And you take care of Sophie.

ROGER: Always.

Scene 4

BEN: So, how long have you been workin’ with Tony?

FROST: A little over a year now. He’s been a great mentor and friend to me. I owe him a lot.

BEN: Glad to hear it. I was wonderin’ if he’d changed since the last time I saw him. Seems like the power hasn’t corrupted him.

FROST: Yeah, he’s held his ground well. It hasn’t been easy with Lynch around, though. The man’s been up all of the officers’ backs ever since he got here. Seems like he’s runnin’ his own game–got some type of agenda.

BEN: Like what? Does he have intel on the outbreak?

FROST: I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised. From what Tony’s been tellin’ me, he’s got a lot of powerful friends in the government and private sector, and you know what that means.

LOGAN: A lotta money in his pocket if he signs on the dotted line.

FROST: Bingo.

AMY: So you think this is some type of conspiracy?

FROST: Well, let me put it this way: it wouldn’t be the first time a group of powerful men got together to plan the end of the world.

BEN: Except this time they succeeded.

LOGAN: Shit, I don’t know about you, but I’m still standin’.

FROST: Damn right. Not all of us in here have our eyes closed. Remember that.

BEN: We will.

FROST: Alright, here are your living quarters–make yourselves at home. A friend of Tony’s is a friend of mine, so please let me know if you have any problems.

AMY: Thank you.

FROST: I’ll be back in the morning to escort you to the meeting. Make sure you’re ready to go by 0700 sharp.

BEN: Got it.

FROST: Alright, try to get some rest.

LOGAN: Sounds good to me.

AMY: Well, he seems nice.

BEN: Yeah, he seems like he’s got a good head on his soldiers. Tony always had a knack for pickin’ the good ones.

LOGAN: What, like you?

BEN: I was the one exception.

AMY: Oh, come on now. I’m sure you were a fine soldier.

BEN: Well, let’s just say that perception is different accordin’ to who you’re talkin’ to.

LOGAN: Hey, do either of you know that woman over there? She keeps lookin’ over here like she recognizes you.

AMY: Oh my God, is that…

BEN: Shaina.

SHAINA: I thought I recognized you! I was so sure I had seen you before!

AMY: It’s so good to see you. There was no way of knowing…

SHAINA: I know, I know. But I was right. The military came and saved us, and now we’re here away from those monsters.

BEN: And Adrian?

SHAINA: Oh, yes. He is here, too. Adrian, come say hi to our friends.


AMY: Hi, Adrian. It’s so good to see you again. How are you doing?

ADRIAN: Good. The soldier man gave me juice.

BEN: Oh, yeah? That’s cool.

SHAINA: He’s been so brave. The things we’ve seen… a boy should never have to see such horrors.

AMY: Yeah, well at least he’s here now. And we can help keep him safe.

SHAINA: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done by myself. It’s just so scary to be here alone.

BEN: Well, we’re here now. And everything’s gonna be okay.

SHAINA: I know. We just have to stay positive.

AMY: Have you been assigned a work schedule?

SHAINA: Oh, yes. I’ve been helping in the kitchens mainly, but they’ve let me stay with Adrian, too.

BEN: Have you been mistreated in any way?

SHAINA: No, not really. I mean some of the soldiers are a bit rough with their orders, sure, but none of them have touched me or anything.

AMY: That’s good.

SHAINA: Yeah, this may not be the easiest place to live, but it’s better than being out there.

BEN: For now, yes. But Shaina, you have to willing to accept that this place may not always be safe. The soldiers could turn on us. I’ve seen it happen before.

SHAINA: Were you in the military?

BEN: Yes, I was before, but not any more.

SHAINA: I see, well thank you for telling me this. Honestly, I don’t care where we go as long as we’re safe.

BEN: That’s good. You should always be prepared for the worst, especially in times like these.

SHAINA: So what are you all doing here, then? I thought you were going to leave the city.

AMY: We did, but we ran into trouble on the road. Coming here seemed like the best option at the time, and it wasn’t like we had much of a choice, any way.

SHAINA: I see. So the soldiers found you?

BEN: Yeah, we were holdin’ up in a motel, but they must’ve spotted us with their radar.

SHAINA: So what are you gonna do now?

LOGAN: Get the fuck outta here as soon we get the chance.

SHAINA: Oh, and who is this? Is she with you?

AMY: Yeah, this is Officer Logan. She helped us escape the city.

SHAINA: Oh, I see. Nice to meet you, officer.

LOGAN: Same to you. So that’s your boy, huh?

SHAINA: Yup. His name is Adrian.

LOGAN: He looks like a good kid.

SHAINA: Thank you. He is.

LOGAN: Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m gettin’ some shut eye. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

BEN: Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

SHAINA: Okay, well I don’t want to keep you any longer. It was great to see you again, Amy.

AMY: You too. We’ll be right over here in case you need anything, okay?

SHAINA: Yeah, and the same for you.

End of Part 1