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The Outbreak: Quarantine Status Update #10

Posted on November 4, 2015 by Skyler

Hey everyone, just a quick update. The lighting for the photos used in Quarantine Part 1 was not done last Saturday, but it’s done now, and the desktop distributables have been updated.

As for Part 2, I’m currently writing the script, and right now I’m looking at a potential release date of Saturday, November 14th (two Saturdays from now). I should be able to meet that date, and continue to release all four parts of Quarantine every two weeks, and then re-release the full chapter (for desktop and mobile) in one combined file once it’s all done.

Lastly,¬†Ren’Py (the software I use to make The Outbreak) recently came out with a new feature: the ability to distribute to iOS 6+, which¬†means I can potentially release all of The Outbreak chapters on iPhone and iPad as well now. Yippee!

So if all goes well, I’ll be releasing Quarantine in its entirety by the end of the year, as well as Day Zero and First Light in the iOS app store (for free), so you can have it on your Apple device too, if you’d like, and the Quarantine ebook will be released subsequently just like the other chapters.

I’ll check in again next week when I have more news to share. Stay tuned.